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MANDALA LEGAL AFFAIRS offers you all the juridical solutions suited to your situation, especially with the Juridical Pack, allowing you to open a business, whether you need a commercial office or a legal structure in order to justify your implementation in Brazil and have a more direct approach of the market. We are able to open this business "turn-key" in three strategic cities: Maringá, Parana State, which is one of the most developed area in Brazil; Manaus, in Amazon, offers a free-zone in which is located the biggest IT park of Latin America; and of course São Paulo city, the "locomotive" of the country.


  • Register the business to the Trade Tribunal of the city you want to settle in;
  • Prepare the incorporation (social contract);
  • Select the appropriate Tax options with all authorities.
  • Obtain your registration to the Labour Rights agencies (INSS, FGTS, etc).

We can also offer hosting in one of the business centers in order to decrease the implementation costs.

Brazil government states, that if your capital comes from a foreign parent company, we will deal with the various procedures in order to register the foreign and Brazilian company to the Central Bank, which will allow you officially transfer the necessary funds to start your activity. These formalities will allow you to repatriate profits without being submitted to the payment of funds transfer tax.

We also offer to open a corporate bank account, which is very complicated in Brazil.

We can also get working visas for your employees, management team and partners. For this, we will offer you the "Administrative and Management Pack" ideal to start your company while your manager hasn't received his working visa.