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More than 30 years' local experience in the support of business creation and legal representation in Brazil.

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Turn-key business creation in three strategic cities: Maringá, Manaus, and São Paulo

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Mandala International is the world's leading company for healthcare product registration, regulatory affairs and quality assurance in Brazil and Mexico

If you wish to enter the Brazilian market, MANDALA LEGAL AFFAIRS is the ideal partner.

At first, depending on your business sector, sales objectives, salesforce, investment you wish to make, we can offer you « WEB BRAIN TRUSTS » in order to help you choose the best approach: Find a distributor for your product; to establish right away; to locally produce; to adapt your services to the local market; to scale your investments.

Then, whichever is the solution the most suited to your strategy, MANDALA LEGAL AFFAIRS is able to coach you from the start of your project until its implementation.


Managers Strong of 30 Years' Experience in Brazil

With more than 30 years of local experience, MANDALA LEGAL AFFAIRS, specialized in the role of facilitator of access to the Brazilian market. Its two main managers, Stephan Fontanel and Daniel Rosenthal, are a guarantee of success for penetrating the market.

An introduction to Brazil

Brazil has already become one of the world’s giant. It is presently one of the top countries receiving direct foreign investments.

Strong of a modern industry and in the way to become the “farm of the world”, Brazil has the world’s 6th biggest GDP. Some of its companies, such as Petrobas or Vale (steel), are famous corporation worldwide. Third biggest agricultural exporter, it’s the biggest producer of coffee, chicken, orange juice and beef. Almost self-sufficient in terms of energy (oil, hydroelectricity, ethanol, nuclear), Brazil has a big advantage: enormous reserves of oil in very deep water (7,000 meters deep, beneath 2,000 meters of salt), discovered in 2007 along its coasts.

The Health market is acknowledge as one of the most attractive in the world. With the constant increase of purchasing power, the middle-class his more and more worried about health, which creates huge demand. As cosmetics market goes, Brazil is soon to be the world’s biggest market for perfume.

One of the main players in Mercosul, Brazil is also a “global player” in the world’s market.

But the country has its flaws. The cost of living is high in overall, and one cannot approach this market underestimating the amount of investment required. We should not forget about the country’s bureaucracy that require local helps in order to avoid problems, decrease costs and go straight to the point.


Mandala International is the world's leading company for healthcare product registration, regulatory affairs and quality assurance in Brazil and Mexico.


Innovative lead generation service for businesses.


The world's biggest business-to-business network in the healthcare industry.


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